my name is colleen. i'm 19 and half of the world's greatest parenting team :) i have an amazing son named levi who i brought into the world on february 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm. he's my heart and my soul and i wouldn't change him for the world. this is my blog.

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my name is colleen. i’m a mama to a beautiful boy named levi connor long and a girlfriend to a wonderful man named brandon. here’s some things i enjoy:

  • my son
  • my boyfriend
  • reading kickass books
  • writing kickass stories
  • the biggest loser
  • trash tv (guilty pleasure)
  • marlboro 27’s
  • malibu coconut rum (though i haven’t had a drink since may)
  • comfortable clothes and warm beds
  • cuddles
  • morning kisses from my boys
  • my rabbit, pancakes.
  • the hunger games
  • mike. rowe. mm.
  • disney/pixar movies
  • LOST
  • sharks

i’m really really bad at talking about myself so i’ll stop here. i leave you with a picture of my son.